India Post Tracking, Locations Near Me, Contact & Hours

History of India Post

India Post, established in 1854 during the rule of the East India Company, holds a significant place in India’s history. It played a vital role in connecting India’s diverse regions, acting as a unifying force in the country’s early communication system. Today, it stands as one of the world’s largest postal networks, offering essential services in communication, finance, and e-commerce. With its vast reach and enduring legacy, India Post continues to serve as a cornerstone of India’s postal and courier services.

India Post Tracking

To track your package or letter with India Post, follow these easy steps:

• Visit the official India Post website.

• Locate and enter the unique tracking number provided with your shipment.

• Gain access to real-time updates on your package’s status and location.

• Stay informed throughout your parcel’s journey with this valuable tracking tool.

The tracking number provided by India Post is composed of 13 unique characters, which can be a combination of both alphabets and numbers. The format of the tracking number may vary depending on the selected service, but the most prevalent format typically starts with two alphabets, followed by nine digits, and concludes with two more alphabets.

For example, India Post tracking number for a package might appear as LP006590858IN. It’s essential to be aware that the tracking number format could differ for international packages dispatched by India Post.

India Post Location Near Me

Locating the nearest India Post office or branch is a crucial step in accessing postal and courier services conveniently. To find the closest India Post outlet, you can utilize the store locator or finder tool available on the official India Post website.

By entering your location details, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of nearby India Post offices, empowering you to plan your visits efficiently and effortlessly.

India Post Contact and Customer Service

For inquiries or assistance related to India Post services, you can readily reach out to their dedicated customer service team. Here is some essential contact information to help you connect with them:

• Phone Number: India Post’s customer service hotline is 1800 266 6868. The call centre agents are available from 9AM to 6PM except for Sunday and gazette holidays.

• Email: Alternatively, you can contact India Post via email at

• Mailing Address: Each India Post office or branch may have its unique mailing address, so it’s essential to have the specific location or office details to get the correct mailing address for your inquiry or correspondence.

• Social Media: India Post maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. You can connect with them on channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

India Post’s customer service team is committed to addressing your questions and concerns, ensuring that your experience with their services is smooth and hassle-free.

India Post Hours of Operation

India Post operates during specific hours, with variations depending on the location and type of service. Ideally, India Post office works from 8AM to 4PM on all days. To find precise details about the hours of operation for your nearest India Post office or branch, it is advisable to visit the official India Post website. There, you can access comprehensive information about the operating hours, helping you plan your visits effectively and ensuring that you receive the services you require.