Posti Group Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

Posti group continues to provide consumer-friendly services for both private and business individuals. If you are doubtful about the pickup services from Postigroup, This article will answer all your queries.

How does Posti Group pick up work?

If you regularly send and receive letters and parcels. Posti Group will pick up your items and deliver them directly to your location. Pickup and delivery service is a fee-based value-added service for businesses and private individuals. A contract number is required for retailers and businesses before requesting the pickup.

Posti Group Schedule and Pickup Times

Once requested, Posti Group officials will Pick up the item on the same day as long as you place your order before 11.30 a.m. The window is four hours (8 a.m.–noon and noon–4 p.m.). On weekdays, they pick up items from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

How to find Posti Group Pickup Near Me/Location

To find the Nearest Posti group Pickup, visit the Posti Group’s official website and open the Service Point Locator and enter the following details:

• Check the Pickup point on the service’s tab
• Enter your Postal Code or address

You will receive the opening hours and working hours of respective Pickup points where you can request the pickup from home or receive the parcel.

Posti Group Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

You can call the following number to get information or request a pickup. +358 200 92000

Are you confused about which service you need to choose? Posti Group offers an online consultation form, just submit it, and you will receive the best packages for your need. You can also get details regarding pickup by online customer support and FAQ section.

Is Posti Group pickup free? How much does it cost?

Posti Group is a fee-based service offering subscriptions for businesses; for professional individuals, the cost is per package and depends on weight. For more details, contact your nearest service point.

Can Posti Group pick up from my house? Posti Group Pickup Request

Yes, you can request a Home pickup from Posti Group. However, please confirm the eligibility of pickup requests from your nearest service point, As the Posti Group offers homes to pick up for business and professional individuals only, who send and receive parcels, and mail often.

How to Cancel Posti Group Pickup

You can cancel the pickup by using Posti Group online termination form available only for businesses and retailers. You can also call the nearest service point for the cancellation of individual pickup requests.

Posti Group’s Pick up is designed for professional usage providing quick and reliable service for domestic and international packages. We hope our article may have cleared the confusion regarding the Pickup request from Posti Group. If so, don’t forget to leave feedback.