How to Track Your Canada Post Package – Where is my Canada Post Package?

Canada Post offers its users an easy to perform service in package tracking. With its wide range of door-to-door services, they remain the country’s primary postal service provider and offer a convenient parcel pickup service for all its customers. This guide will provide an overview, including tracking Canada Post packages, finding the Canada Post tracking number, package delivery time, and other essential information on Canada Post package delivery.

How to Track a Canada Post Package – Where is my Canada Post Post package?

With an obtained tracking number for your package from Canada Post for shipment, you can track your package with Canada Post’s online track tool by following these simple steps:

• Go to the Canada Post website.
• Click on the “Search” tab and select “Track” in the follow-up menu.
• Input the tracking number of the package
• Select the “Track” button to access information about your package delivery

Alternatively, you can also call +18666076301 in Canada or 4169793033 from outside of Canada.

How to Find the Canada Post Tracking Number

The Canada Post tracking numbers are typically alphanumeric characters directly on your package or your shipment receipt for the package. Domestically shipped packages, your tracking number will be on your track receipt for packages sent internationally, and the tracking number will be printed on the shipping label.

Online purchases will automatically receive a tracking number via email. If you are a Canada Post Prepaid Envelope customer, your tracking number will appear on your receipt.

Where is the Canada Post tracking number on my receipt?

Your Canada Post tracking number can be found printed at the bottom of your tracking receipt.

How long are Canada Post tracking numbers?

Canada Post tracking numbers are often either 11 or 13 alphanumeric characters that end with “CA” or typically 16 numeric digits.

What do Canada Post tracking numbers start with?

The alphanumeric Canada Post tracking numbers begin with two alphabets in a 13-digit format,e.g., AA 000 000 000 AA. The 16 numeric digits tracking number starts with numbers, .e.g. 0000 0000 0000 0000.

Can you track the Canada Post package by address?

No, Canada Post doesn’t offer an option to track your package by address. Other options offered to track are by Delivery Notice Card and tracking by Reference Number.

What time will my Canada Post package arrive?

Canada Post delivers from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm. Delivery time may differ depending on service and recipient location. Note that regular letters are delivered within two business days within cities, in 3 business days within provinces, and four business days nationally.

Why is the Canada Post package delayed?

Delays may occur depending on package volumes at customs and safety measures. Common causes of delays include wrong route assignment, incorrect address or contact information, dangerous goods declaration, weather conditions, incomplete paperwork, illegal package content, and so on. You can contact customer service if there is a delay for further inquiries about your package via calling +18666076301 in Canada or 4169793033 from outside of Canada.

Why is my Canada Post package being held?

Your Canada Post shipment on hold may mean it is going through transit. The Canada Post package could on hold for certain specific vital reasons;

• Customs
• Wrong address or contact information
• Illegal package content
• Security and safety measures
• Incomplete paperwork
• Weather condition
• Wrong route assignment

Alternatively, you can also call customer service at +18666076301 in Canada or 4169793033 from outside of Canada.

Can I pick up or hold a Canada Post package?

Yes. Canada Post offers a delivery preference option which includes a pick-up service. It allows you to set a delivery preference for pick-up. You can also purchase a Hold Mail service online with either a Canadian credit card or valid email address or buy a Hold Mail order form in advance at a post office.

How to refuse a Canada Post package?

There are three options to use in refusing a Canada Post package granted it’s unopened:

• You can inform the delivery person of your refusal.
• You can drop off the package with its original labels at any post office and state you want it returned.
• You can ignore the delivery Notice Card for the item. It will then be returned to the sender if not picked up in 15 days.

Is Canada Post tracking down?

Specific technical issues might cause a delay in providing tracking information on your shipment. It is often temporary and would require a wait for an update.