How to Track Your Deutsche Post Package – Where is my Deutsche Post Package?

Deutsche Post counts as one of the largest logistics companies globally and provides excellent tracking service to customers. This guide will give an overview, including tracking Deutsche Post packages, finding the Deutsche Post tracking number, time of package delivery, and other essential information on Deutsche Post package delivery.

How to Track a Deutsche Post Package – Where is my Deutsche Post package?

Deutsche Post offers a tracking service that allows you to check and know your package’s status nationally and internationally. Once a tracking number has been obtained, you can trace the status of your shipment by merely following these steps:

• Go to the Deutsche Post website.
• Enter your tracking number in the search bar above
• Click “Enter” to access all information about your package.

Alternatively, Deutsche Post also has a mobile app that is available to download for both android and ios devices that you can use to track your package. You can also access the tracking directly from this webpage › sendung › simpleQuery. Reach customer service by calling +492284333112 for private customers and +491806555555 business customers. You can also fill a contact form on their website.

How to Find the Deutsche Post Tracking Number

Each shipment made with Deutsche Post is assigned a unique number used to identify the package. After the shipment has been made, you can find your tracking number on your tracking receipt, directly on the package label, or automatically sent to you via email for eCommerce purchases.

Where is the Deutsche Post tracking number on my receipt?

The Deutsche Post tracking number is typically located towards the bottom end of your tracking receipt.

How long are Deutsche Post tracking numbers?

Deutsche Post tracking numbers are often alphanumeric and are either 12-digits or 20 digits long.

What do Deutsche Post tracking numbers start with?

Local Deutsche Post tracking numbers begin with numbers, e.g., 345209416458 (12-digit format) or 00340434192314429377 (20-digit format). However, for International packages, tracking numbers often start with two alphabets followed by numbers and end with two alphabets .e.g. Cx000000000DE, Lx000000000DE, Rx000000000DE.

Can you track the Deutsche Post package by address?

For security reasons, Deutsche Post only allows tracking to be done using the Deutsche Post tracking number. There’s no offered alternative to track by address.

What time will my Deutsche Post package arrive?

The estimated time of shipment deliveries can take up to 3 weeks within Europe, depending on the service used and longer outside Europe.

Why is the Deutsche Post package delayed?

Delays may occur with your Deutsche Post package due to factors such as a change in transport procedures, preventive and control measures, wrong address, dangerous goods declaration, canceled routes, custom clearance, and other factors.

Why is my Deutsche Post package being held?

Your Deutsche Post shipment on hold may mean it is going through transit. The Deutsche Post package could on hold for certain specific vital reasons;

• Customs
• Wrong address or contact information
• Illegal package content
• Security and safety measures
• Incomplete paperwork
• Weather condition
• Canceled international route
• Delivery procedure changes

Alternatively, you can also call customer service at +18666076301 in Canada or 4169793033 from outside of Canada.

Can I pick up or hold a Deutsche Post package?

Yes. Deutsche Post offers a free pickup service that’s available to all its customers. You can put in a pickup or hold request online via the Deutsche Post website or by contacting customer service.

How to refuse a Deutsche Post package?

There are a few options to use in refusing a Deutsche Post package granted it’s unopened:

• Simply do not accept the parcel and inform the delivery person you do not receive the package.
• You can take the package with its original labels to any post office and state that you want it returned to the sender.

Is Deutsche Post tracking down?

Specific technical issues might cause a delay in providing tracking information on your shipment. It is often temporary and would require a wait for an update. If there isn’t a resolution after 24 hours, contact customer service by calling +492284333112 for private customers and +491806555555 business customers. You can also fill a contact form on their website.