How to Track Your USPS Package – Where is my USPS Package?

The ability to track and have information on your shipments’ delivery status is vital if you engage courier services. USPS offers tracking options that favor most customers, and this guide will provide an overview on tracking USPS packages, finding USPS tracking numbers, and other aspects of USPS package delivery.

How to Track a USPS Package – Where is my USPS package?

USPS equips its users with a Track & Confirm tool for tracking both domestic and international shipments. With that, tracking on USPS is user-friendly and straightforward.

With a USPS tracking number, you can access your package’s delivery status on the USPS website by merely inputting your tracking number. There are also other options available for tracking;

• You can track your shipment by phone via 1-800-222-1811
• The USPS mobile app available for android and ios mobile devices
• Tracking can also be done only through text messaging. Send a text message with your USPS tracking number to 28777
• Contact Customer Service

How to Find the USPS Tracking Number

A USPS tracking number is issued when a shipment has been made. You can find your USPS tracking number on the post office shipping receipt. If your order were shipped from the USPS website, you would automatically receive a confirmation email with your USPS tracking number, a shipping confirmation email from the retailer, the post office sales receipt, or on the peel-off part of your USPS tracking label.

Where is the USPS tracking number on my receipt?

Your USPS tracking number can be found printed at the bottom end of your issued receipt for the shipment.

How long are USPS tracking numbers?

USPS tracking numbers are in a 20-digit format with no letters. For the USPS Express Mail service, the tracking number is often a 13-character long one.

What do USPS tracking numbers start with?

USPS tracking numbers start with numbers .e.g 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00. The USPS Express Mail tracking number starts with two letters and ends with “US.” .e.g. EC 000 000 000 US or CP 000 000 000 US.

Can you track the USPS package by address?

USPS does not offer an option to track your package by the address. What it provides is an alternative way of receiving tracking information which is termed the Information Delivery service.

What time will my USPS package arrive?

USPS delivery times may differ depending on the shipment service you use. General deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday before 5 pm. The available delivery time may also vary depending on the route, the recipient’s location, and the package’s volume.

Why is the USPS package delayed?

Like other courier companies, USPS Package deliveries might be delayed due to several factors such as traffic, high volume shipments, failed delivery attempts, severe weather conditions, public holidays, strikes, custom clearance issues, or incorrect address specifications. Contact customer service in the event of any delay. They can be reached on +18002758777 or visit the USPS website to track the package.

Why is my USPS package being held?

Contact USPS customer service if the status of your package is on hold. Your USPS package could be held as a result of the following;

• USPS courier vehicle accident
• Bad weather
• Wrong address or contact information
• Illegal package content
• Security and safety measures
• Incomplete paperwork
• Natural disasters
• USPS sometimes packs the packet and offers an additional package.

Can I pick up or hold a USPS package?

You can hold your USPS package by merely putting a request for it to be held either for pick up or other reasons via customer service.

How to refuse a USPS package?

USPS package refusals can be done by; refusal at delivery — refusing to accept the package when it is offered for delivery. Rejection after delivery — mark the parcel with the writing of “REFUSED” and return it as soon as possible to one of the USPS facilities or drop it in the outgoing mailbox.

Is USPS tracking down?

If USPS tracking is down, you are advised to wait 24 hours and check again. If not, contact customer support for further information.