How to Track Your Australia Post Package – Where is my Australia Post Package?

Australia Post provides exquisite postal services for its customers, which boosts its reputation as its largest logistics network. They offer smooth, safe, and reliable ways to send or receive shipments to their users and operate across Australia and internationally. This guide will provide an overview of Australia Post package delivery.

How to Track an Australia Post Package – Where is my Australia Post package?

Having a tracking number of your shipped package is essential to tracking the progress of your package. With your Australia Post tracking number, you can track your items using the
Australia Post website’s track tool
. You can follow these instructions:

• Go to

• On the home page, click the “track an item” tab.

• Enter your tracking number and press enter for the information to be displayed.
Alternatively, you can also track your item using the Australia Post app, which is available to download for android and ios mobile devices. You can also call 137678 in Australia or +61388479045 from overseas.

How to Find the Australia Post Tracking Number

The Australia tracking number is usually found on your issued receipt for shipment for packages sent over the counter at the post office. However, an automated tracking number will be sent as part of the email confirmation for eCommerce purchases. You can also find your tracking number printed on the barcode of the package label.

Where is the Australia Post tracking number on my receipt?

Australian Post tracking number is typically printed as “Article ID” on your given receipt.

How long are Australia Post tracking numbers?

The Australia Post tracking number is a 13-digit long alphanumeric number.

What do Australia Post tracking numbers start with?

The alphanumeric Australia Post tracking number often begins with two alphabets followed by nine digits and ends with “AU.” e.g. EE 777 977 999 AU

Can you track the Australia Post package by address?

You can only track your package using the Australia Post tracking number. There’s no offered alternative to track by address.

What time will my Australia Post package arrive?

The estimated time of delivery will vary depending on your location and selected service. Standard Australia Post deliveries take two or more business days.

Why is the Australia Post package delayed?

Delays may occur due to certain factors such as disruptions in transport and delivery network, address not in the product’s defined network, dangerous goods declaration, underestimation of package weight and size, and custom inspections.

Why is my Australia Post package being held?

Your Australia Post shipment on hold may mean it is going through transit. The Australia Post package could on hold for certain specific vital reasons;
• Customs
• Wrong address or contact information
• Illegal package content
• Security and safety measures
• Incomplete paperwork
• Weather condition
• Wrong route assignment

If this is the case, you can wait a few moments and track via the Australia Post app or on the website. You can also call 137678 in Australia or +61388479045 from overseas.

Can I pick up or hold an Australia Post package?

Australia Post offers a Parcel Pickup Service available for its users. To use the pickup option, you will have to book the service using the Australia Post website and follow instructions. Or merely contact customer service for further inquiry about booking the Parcel Pickup Service.

How to refuse an Australia Post package?

To refuse an Australia Post package (make sure it remains unopened), merely label the box with a return label and drop it off at any drop-off location closest to you.

Is Australia Post tracking down?

Specific technical issues might cause a delay in providing tracking information on your shipment. It is often temporary and would require a wait for an update. If there isn’t resolve after 24 hours, contact customer service.